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Two Locations in California. Santee and Rancho San Diego

Have you experienced The WrapShack’s Vegan menu? Our expanded menu brings all the savory flavors and homemade sauces to a wide selection of vegan wraps, bowls, breakfast and even kids’ meals.



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Our Story

Welcome To Vegan

The WrapShack is proud to offer a separate menu for those who follow a vegan lifestyle or anyone looking for  a healthy, sustainable choice for your meal! For those who are wondering what that means, what it looks like, or why people do it, look no further!

Now two locations: Santee and Rancho San Diego

Vegan Wrap
Vegan Wraps in Santee
Acai Bowls
Fresh Vegetables

Vegan kitchen

Pure Vegansim Matters

Our kitchen has a separate food storage, food preparation, as well as dedicated utensils just for our vegan friends. Because we appreciate your approach to pure.

vegan area

separate cutting board, knife, pans, griddle, fridge, sanitizing solution/rag

Vegan Food Being Prepared

Only the Best

Our Vegan Options

separate vegan menu

from protein to sauce: all vegan, no worries

proteins (Gardein brand)

chicken, tofu, sausage patty, soy crumbles

sauce ingredients

vegan mayo (Follow you heart), almond milk (silk), vegan cheese (tofuti), agave

Gardein Brand Vegan Food

What is the vegan diet?

Veganism is distinct from a vegetarian diet, not just avoiding meat, but also any animal products – including any meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, even honey. Instead, vegans rely on other (natural) protein sources like tofu, beans, nuts, seeds, soy, fruits, and vegetables.

Why do people choose this lifestyle?

Many vegans adopt this lifestyle to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, however reasons range from ethical and environmental concerns to health problems. Veganism can be a lifestyle, extending to clothing and many other forms of retail.

obey your tastebuds

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